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Design and Business Practice

Chaya is proud to design her jewelry with sustainability at the core of her process.  Conscientious of the long-term, global impact of mining, Chaya remains sustainable by thoughtfully constructing her pieces in recycled metals and ethically sourcing conflict-free diamonds and gemstones.  Each piece of beautifully crafted jewelry is packaged in a re-usable bag, eliminating the need for single-use packaging.

Chaya creates her pieces locally in South Portland, ME while working with sustainable manufacturers who are transparent about their own processes and sourcing.  Many of the gemstones she uses are sourced right in Maine!

Chaya’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond her jewelry and into the studio where she uses safe, healthy and environmentally friendly practices.

Chaya is dedicated to creating high quality, eco-friendly jewelry of unique designs and a heartfelt purpose. She hopes that with each piece created, we all move one step closer to sustainable change worldwide.

Chaya Studio is now green!

As of 2008, 99% of the raw material we use to create our work can now be purchased as 100% recycled material.  We use two sources, but most of our raw material comes from Hoover and Strong, called Harmony Metals. We also recycle 100% of our metal scraps, most of which goes back into our own jewelry.

What exactly does this mean? It means we do not purchase any newly mined material. We are using precious metals that have been recycled from various sources such as scrap from jewelry manufacturing, unwanted jewelry, electronics, dental crowns etc. Here is a link to common questions about recycled metals: What is the 1% that is not recycled? Commercial chain. For now, it is nearly impossible to find commercial chain (as opposed to hand-made chain) made with recycled materials.

We are also proud to offer fair trade colored gemstones and conflict-free diamonds.

What are Fair Trade Gems? Fair Trade Gems are closely tracked from mine to market to ensure that every gem has been handled according to strict protocols. The protocols include environmental protection, fair labor practices at the cutting and jewelry factories, and a tight chain of custody that eliminates the possibility of treated gems or synthetics being introduced into the supply chain. The program also includes promotion of cultural diversity, and public education and accountability. Here is a link to more information about fair trade gems:

We also use eco-friendly packaging and marketing material. We use 100% recycled cardboard boxes (made with 100% post-consumer fiber) covered with FSC-certified recycled paper made from 100% post-consumer fiber (The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies that this paper is manufactured using ecologically-responsible processes – elemental chlorine-free pulp or wind power). The insert cards are made with 30% post-consumer fibers and are acid-free. The high-end gift boxes we offer are made with a black paper-covered cardboard box made with 100% recyclable material. These boxes are extremely rugged and we encourage everyone who receives one to please re-use it!

All of our marketing material is printed on acid-free, recycled paper with soy and vegetable based inks.

Why go Green? Aside from the obvious answers like keeping the planet around a bit longer, this decision comes from a commitment to both internal and business-to-business sustainable business practices.

We are dedicated to creating high quality, eco-aware jewelry of unique designs and a heartfelt purpose. We hope that with each piece created, we move one step closer to sustainable change worldwide.

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