Chaya’s specialty is Custom Design.  Can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Let’s make it.

Initial Consultation

This is when I get to know all about you and your project. I want to know what you like, dislike and what your goals are for this new piece of jewelry. Knowing your history, where you came from, what got you here today and the overall purpose of the project – all of these details go into helping me create the perfect piece tailored for you (or for the intended recipient).

Custom Design Process

Finding the Perfect Stone(s)

Do you already have your *perfect* stone? No problem. I love re-purposing family heirlooms into new, fresh designs. I can also assist in sourcing and finding gemstones for the project. I take all of your requests into account with the goal of finding the perfect match. If you are local to Maine, we can set up an appointment to review the stones together.

Custom Design Process

Choosing Precious Metal

The beauty of the custom design process is everything can be tailored for you. If you are uncertain what material you would like, I am happy to discuss the pros and cons of the different precious metals we can choose from. In some cases, we can re-use gold from your heirlooms or apply it as credit towards the project.

Custom Design Process

The Design Process

We are creating a small piece of wearable art that is meant to last more than one lifetime. The design process begins with pencil, paper, imagination and the elements of our consultation. Phase 1 of the design process is a minimum of 3 sketches (usually more) for you to preview. Phase 2 often involves some additional edits before we get the design *just right.* Phase 3 is a refined rendering of the design along with a budget proposal for the project.

Custom Design Process

Moving into Production

Once we have finalized the materials and design, it is time for production! This process will vary, depending on the design. I will choose the method(s) that produces the best results for your project: 3D printing, hand wax carving and/or hand fabrication. From beginning to end, you are involved in every step of the journey.

Custom Design Process

The Finished Piece

Your jewelry is made especially for you, with it’s own story to share.  Whether it is a *new* heirloom or the merging of old family heirlooms in a new design, this new piece is one to cherish. Enjoy!

“I still look at my ring and think how wonderful it is…. Thank you! My ring would not be anywhere near as fantastic as it is without your skills and knowledge and assistance. Again, Thank you!”
– Fay

Custom Design Process