We Have Spring Fever!

Happy Spring!!

Anyone who follows my work knows that I am inspired by the natural world. Since spring is here, I want to share my recent homage to Mother Nature: the Birch Bark series. The texture is a direct translation of the bark of a birch tree, and this subtle design allows for a lot of variations. For example, changing the metal and/or the width creates very different looks, and I can add color with gemstones.
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All of these are a variation of my Birch Bark series….see how
a little customization really changes the look?

My Cherry Blossom series is also a sweet reminder of the season. Symbolizing new beginnings, these designs are timeless and always appealing. In addition, you can customize any Cherry Blossom piece with specific gemstones (such as birthstones) for a touch of color and a sense of uniqueness.

If you have spring cleaning on the brain, include your jewelry box.
I can re-purpose jewelry you don’t like or buy your metals and stones and credit that toward a purchase!

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Samples of customized Cherry Blossom rings
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These stacked Birch Bark rings were made in gold and silver
and customized with gemstones.
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My Cherry Blossom series is one of my oldest and most popular…
So feminine and full of meaning.