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Repurposing: Bringing New Life to Old Jewelry

As most of you know, I am committed to being environmentally friendly and using ethically sourced materials. For all of my work, I use recycled precious metals and Fair Trade gemstones. Another way I stay environmentally friendly is by working with clients bringing new life to old jewelry.

Here’s how Bringing New Life to Old Jewelry works:

Many people find that over the years, their jewelry no longer suits their personality or their lifestyle. They have pieces with sentimental and monetary value but no connection to the style of the piece or pieces. They like the metals and stones they have; they just don’t like the way they come together.

Repurposing is a popular option because you can look at a new ring or necklace or bracelet and still feel the sentimentality, because you know where it came from and that your old pieces gave life to your new piece!

Bringing New Life to Old Jewelry

This piece was created using only the client’s gold and stones.


When we work together to repurpose your jewelry, I’m fulfilling my commitment to being environmentally friendly, and you are participating in that. It’s one of those “full circle” things that is extremely rewarding!

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