SOAR with the birds! Forged from recycled sterling and gold, this collection is inspired by birds in flight.  The collection is powerful and poetic in it’s simplicity.  For Chaya, it symbolizes gratitude and how beautiful it is to be alive.

Gifts $100 - $300 Dancing Flowers
Sm-Flowers-w-Garnets-300x300 Dancing Flowers
Dancing Flowers

Fabricated in sterling silver, this eye catching design is full of charisma and charm. Dressed up or down, this piece is sure to get you compliments!

$230.00$380.00 Select options
Earrings Dove Earrings
Swallow-Drop-300x300 Dove Earrings
Dove Earrings

Forged from sterling silver, these earrings are gorgeous on their own and also a great compliment to any of Chaya’s necklaces.

$55.00 Select options
Gifts $100 - $300 Peaceful Flight
Md-Peace-300x300 Peaceful Flight
Peaceful Flight

A top seller in the Winged Journey Collection! Fabricated in sterling silver and 14K gold, this design offers a moment of contemplation to carry with you throughout your busy days.

$290.00$305.00 Select options
Gifts $100 - $300 Signature Dove Chain
3-Bird-Chains-300x300 Signature Dove Chain
Signature Dove Chain

A top seller!!! Chaya’s Signature Dove Chain is versatile, simple and beautiful.  Sterling silver 1.7mm cable chain with Chaya’s famous dove clasp.  This necklace is beautiful worn by itself as well as with a pendant such as any of the Cherry Blossom Pendants or the Peace Lotus. Or add your own pendant!  (Pssst: the trick is to snake the pendant through the hook part.)


$75.00$320.00 Select options
Gifts $100 - $300 Two Birds Pendant
2-Birds-2-Sets-300x300 Two Birds Pendant
Two Birds Pendant

Made of sterling silver (and optional 14K gold), this pendant displays beautiful contrast in the two birds.  Chaya designed it thinking of symbolizing friends or mother and child.

$70.00$125.00 Select options