New Work: A Commission Straight from the Heart

I consider it a huge compliment when someone asks me to work
with them on a re-purposed piece. They are asking me to modify something sentimental and transform it into something new and different. I think this requires trust, and it is something I take very seriously.

Last year, I met a woman who was looking for the right artist to commission a repurposed ring. Her main goal was to honor her late husband. She said ”he had a big heart and loved everyone” and really wanted to incorporate this sentiment into the ring. She also hoped to use a ruby, her son’s birthstone.

The finished piece was cast with their 14k wedding bands
combined with a gorgeous ruby in a heart setting. I’m very pleased with
the way it turned out, and she is too!

0f60a29b d7bf 45fa b5fb 86f01b0126da - New Work: A Commission Straight from the Heart