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Mining for Color

I love adding stones to my pieces to add a splash of color. We’re lucky that in Maine, we have access to large stores of tourmaline. In fact, tourmaline is Maine’s official state gemstone. Mt. Mica in Paris is famous the world over for tourmaline, but there are several mines across the state, including Mount Apatite in Auburn. Emmons Quarry in Greenwood, Bennett Quarry in Buckfield and Whispering Pines Quarry in Paris.

Tourmaline can be found in green, pink, blue, watermelon and more. Citrine, aquamarine, amethyst, smoky quartz and rose quartz have also been mined locally, so I have a ton of colorful, local options for my lines and your custom projects. What’s your favorite color? Let me know, and I’ll create something just for you!