Make Your Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day gifts shouldn’t be “one size fits all” (should anything really?). Every mom is different, and our recognition of the mothers in our lives should be as special as she is.

If you’re still looking for just the right thing, I think I can help.

If your mom loves being on the water, a Sailboat or Anchor necklace or earrings from my Maine Nautical collection is sure to put a smile on her face. Several options are two-sided so she gets both designs. Is your mom your anchor? Check out the Anchor My Anchor reversible earrings to make sure she knows.

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Does your mom love flowers? Why not give her some that will last way beyond Mother’s Day? Check out my Cherry Blossom series. There are lots of options: round or square, pendant or earrings. Customize with a gemstone to make it perfectly unique to your mom.

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A piece from the Lotus Flower collection is a really thoughtful gift if your mom has a strong spiritual side. There are several one-sided and reversible options in the Lotus, Om and Stacking Stones designs.

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Most of these designs are available in shiny or matte finish and in 14K gold or sterling silver. Plus, there are several options for chain designs and lengths.

If you don’t see what you want at Chaya Studio Jewelry, give me a call! Together, we can find just the right gift for Mother’s Day.