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Love, Weddings & Rings

This time of year, spring is in the air, and happy couples everywhere start talking about getting married. Where do you start? With a ring, of course!

People often get hung up on wedding ring traditions… matching bands, an engagement ring AND a wedding ring, only diamonds, etc. The truth is that there are no rules anymore, and couples shouldn’t feel pressured by other people’s “expectations.”

Now that we have same-sex marriage in several states (YAY!), looking for rings this year will likely be poignant for LGBT couples who are taking the plunge. Hopefully, this newsletter will help you, or any couple you know, take their relationship to the next level.

Chaya Studio Ring Philosophy 

  • Explore different metals. The metal (or metals) you choose has a lot to do with characteristics like durability, wear and luster, and those are important considerations.
  • Check out different stones. To many people, diamonds are boring. Colored gems can make for a more emotional design, and semi-precious stones are often a more budget-friendly option.
  • Ask your family… is there a family gemstone or setting lost in a lock box? I can work with what you have.
  • Rings don’t have to be traditionally “masculine” or “feminine.” Many current designs are meant to be unisex. Rings don’t have to be identical…let your personal tastes and design needs guide your selection.
  • Consider custom. Many couples want their rings to artfully represent their relationship. Custom designs allow you to highlight the uniqueness of your partnership.

My best advice? Find rings that you will each love wearing every day. They will carry the commitment and sentimentality that you as a couple assign to them, and that’s the most important thing.

14K Gold Trout Rings

These 14K gold rings were designed to honor the couple’s love of fresh water streams and flyfishing.  The diamonds were provided by the client and re-purposed by me.


14K Wedding Ring Set

This wedding set is made from 14K white gold.  The gent’s ring is one of my favorite designs – Tree Branch Ring II.  The woman’s ring is a Pave Infinity Twist, which beautifully complements her diamond solitaire.