Gemstone of the Month: Diamonds


The official birthstone for April is the diamond. It also marks the 60th anniversary of marriage. As a matter of fact, it’s also my birthstone, so I can’t help but be a little partial! I love the look of colored stones, but I also appreciate the simple beauty of a diamond, and for some pieces of jewelry, it is the perfect addition. I read recently that in the first century AD, the Roman naturalist Pliny stated: “Diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world.” I’m not sure I agree with that, but I know that use of diamonds in jewelry has a long, and sometimes not so positive, history.

The world’s love of diamonds started in India, where diamonds were gathered from rivers and streams as far back as the fourth century BC. The popularity of diamonds waxed and waned throughout history, but in more recent history, brutal civil conflicts have been fueled by diamonds—either to control diamond-rich territory or to fund conflicts through the sale of diamonds. The tragic result is bloodshed, loss of life, and human rights abuses.

This is just another reason that I choose to work solely with suppliers of previously mined diamonds and other gemstones that are cut and polished from existing “rough” stones or those that were previously set in jewelry then removed and re-introduced into the supply chain for resale. That’s important to me and I hope it is important to you, too.

On a lighter note, every civilization’s lore seems to share one thread- that diamonds symbolize great strength and exceptional power. Diamonds have also been believed to improve one’s energy, environment, growth process, prosperity, love life, faith and endurance. The stone is said to attract courage, fortitude, creativity, imagination, purity, harmony, faithfulness and innocence.

This month, whether you have a diamond or not, I wish you strength, courage and faith…just a few of the things our world needs right now.


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