“Chaya’s work comes from a place of personal and professional integrity. She is a skilled jeweler and an artist who can help you create your own vision.”

“My husband and I wear our rings every day and delight in them. I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am that I entrusted my creative vision to Chaya and my gratitude to her for breathing more beauty and life into that vision than I could have achieved on my own.”

“Thanks, Chaya, for such a wonderful job!”

– Client, Maggie

“Chaya created a lovely necklace for me from her I Ching line. It represents two hexagrams, Peace and Contemplation.  Chaya was very open to my ideas for this piece, and we worked on it together.  She is a meticulous designer and her pieces reflect that. Every nook and cranny is beautifully executed and finished.”

“Chaya is so talented and a pleasure to work with! The whole process was wonderful from start to finish.”

– Client, Kate Moon

“It felt like a real team effort! Chaya listened to what I wanted in a custom piece, and came up with a design that literally told my story!  At our first meeting, she asked me about important themes in my life. We talked about words like: energy, water, humility, peace, and so on. From there, she created a ring that was truly meaningful to me.”

“Chaya has the ability to translate ideas into designs, quickly and with great insight.”

– Client, Judy Katzel

“My goal: To find a jeweler that I could entrust with creating a, one-of-a-kind, piece of jewelry for my daughter – kiersten, for her birthday. A piece from her father that she would cherish forever.

When you handed me the finished locket – it was truly an amazing experience. I am very proud and somewhat astounded in how this creative process flowed so smoothly.

Your ability to really identify with what I was trying to communicate is unique within itself. It is a compliment to you that I felt a great deal of comfort and trust towards you right from the beginning. You were the right craftsman for the task.

I will remain a customer of Chaya Studio because in addition to your artisan sensibilities, your integrity is evident in the quality of work and experience for the customer. I have passed your name on to friends and acquaintances in Maine and beyond.

Your work and dedication deserve Great Success! Thanks again for the experience.”

-Client, Jeff