Get Your Shine On: Palladium & Platinum Are Perfect!


Ever heard of palladium? It is a rare and lustrous silvery-white metal that is a member of a group of metals called “Noble Metals.” It earned that distinction, because it can withstand corrosion and oxidation. It is also hypoallergenic, will not tarnish, and is extremely durable. Most important, it is crazy shiny and makes a piece of jewelry really stand out!

Platinum is the rarest and heaviest of the precious metals. According to some sources, all of the platinum ever mined would fit in the average size living room. Like all the metals in my work, any platinum I use has been previously mined. Fun fact: The world’s famous diamonds, including the Hope, Jonker I and Koh-I-Noor, are secured by platinum.

Want your favorite stone set in one of these beautiful white metals? Come see me!

This is platinum in its raw form…

Inline image 1

…and these are palladium crystals

I made these wedding bands out of palladium for the shine factor…..simple but so shiny!


We Have Spring Fever!

Happy Spring!!
Anyone who follows my work knows that I am inspired by the natural world. Since spring is here, I want to share my recent homage to Mother Nature: the Birch Bark series. The texture is a direct translation of the bark of a birch tree, and this subtle design allows for a lot of variations. For example, changing the metal and/or the width creates very different looks, and I can add color with gemstones.
All of these are a variation of my Birch Bark series….see how
a little customization really changes the look?

My Cherry Blossom series is also a sweet reminder of the season. Symbolizing new beginnings, these designs are timeless and always appealing. In addition, you can customize any Cherry Blossom piece with specific gemstones (such as birthstones) for a touch of color and a sense of uniqueness.

If you have spring cleaning on the brain, include your jewelry box.
I can re-purpose jewelry you don’t like or buy your metals and stones and credit that toward a purchase!

14K Gold Trout Rings
Samples of customized Cherry Blossom rings
14K Gold Trout Rings
These stacked Birch Bark rings were made in gold and silver
and customized with gemstones.
My Cherry Blossom series is one of my oldest and most popular…
So feminine and full of meaning.

New Beginnings

Need a fresh start? Find some cherry blossoms to see and smell. In much of Japan, flowering cherry trees come into full bloom around the beginning of April, so it is considered a time of new beginnings. For example, April is the month when the new school year starts, when companies start their new business years, and when many new graduates start to work. So, April’s beautiful cherry blossoms encourage people to celebrate new beginnings.

During blooming season, people make a point to visit parks and other spots with cherry trees, often taking the time for picnics under the branches with family and friends. Isn’t that lovely?

My Cherry Blossom collection is one of my oldest, and now you know why.

Spotlight On: Custom Sketches and Renderings

Almost all my custom projects start with drawings (yes, I still love to use pencil and paper). Using the information provided by each client, I create hand drawings of a minimum of 3 different concepts. Once the design is approved and finalized, I can outline project details and begin production! Below are some samples.

Check them out and remember…I would love to create some sketches for you!

These are first draft, preliminary sketches for a client who asked me to re-purpose some diamond jewelry. The design process for this project will have at least 3 drafts before we have the final design (all designs are the property of Chaya Studio Jewelry).

Ring Design Samples


This is a 3-part rendering. This drawing was the final draft used to create the finished piece (all designs are the property of Chaya Studio Jewelry).