A Daughter’s Locket

A Daughter's Locket


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This locket was designed for a young girl’s 12th birthday. The client, her father, wanted something special that she would hang onto for many, many years. The web on the front is symbolic of the Native American dream catcher. The words discipline, courage and perseverance are written along the side. Inside, I had a handwritten letter from the father directly transferred onto metal. On the back is her astrological sign, the Scorpio, in the center. Along the circumference is her name and birth date, hand engraved.

My goal: To find a jeweler that I could entrust with creating a, one-of-a-kind, piece of jewelry for my daughter – kiersten, for her birthday. A piece from her father that she would cherish forever. When you handed me the finished locket – it was truly an amazing experience. I am very proud and somewhat astounded in how this creative process flowed so smoothly. Your ability to really identify with what I was trying to communicate is unique within itself. It is a compliment to you that I felt a great deal of comfort and trust towards you right from the beginning. You were the right craftsman for the task. I will remain a customer of Chaya Studio because in addition to your artisan sensibilities, your integrity is evident in the quality of work and experience for the customer. I have passed your name on to friends and acquaintances in Maine and beyond. Your work and dedication deserve Great Success! Thanks again for the experience.” -the client, Jeff


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